Programme / Curriculum

The programme is diverse by using open-ended play and art experiences we enable the children to make their own choices around learning centres in and outside of the classroom.We encourage the children to explore ideas and themes drawn by their interest and enthusiasm and document their progress so we can later review and revisit the experience with them.

In our centre the teacher provides an environment which is rich with possibilities for the child’s fine and gross motor skills development. The teachers plan the day’s activities but also serve as facilitators to enable children to make their own choices dependant on their level of interest. We also include cooking, gym, library and music activities during the week.

Our 5-6 year old class continue to follow a Reggio inspired play based curriculum however we do incorporate some parts of the British Curriculum for literacy & numeracy, in order to prepare them for entrance into Grade one in primary school. If you require more information on this then please contact us.