School Activities

Throughout the school year we hold a number of activities and events, involving parents and families in our school community. Here are just a few – for more information please contact us.

Reggio Emilia Evening

At the beginning of the school year parents are invited to attend two evening workshops. Firstly a Reggio Emilia Evening with the teachers, during which parents learn a little about the Reggio Emilia philosophy as well as explore and experience some activities and provocations in the classrooms. During this session, parents ‘roll up their sleeves’ and get involved with hands-on activities that reflect the learning process their child experiences.

During the second session the following month, parents gather once again as a group to create something for their child’s classroom. This can be a decoration, an activity or a learning station. The teacher guides and encourages the parents as they would the children, taking notes and photographs throughout the process. The following morning – parents accompany their children to school to ‘show off’ the finished work from the previous night and enjoy their child’s amazed reaction. Teachers create a documentation of the evening to highlight to the parents and the children the importance of the process.

Parent Open Morning

Also at the beginning of the year, after the children have settled into their classroom, an Open morning is held. During this morning a parents or carer will accompany their child to school to participate in morning activities. Here the children have the opportunity to guide their parents around their classroom and complete an activity together. The morning ends after snack time when the children will go out to play and the parents will go off to work!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents are invited to visit their child’s class or meet with their child’s teacher on an informal basis whenever they wish during the school year. However twice during the year, parents will have the opportunity to meet one to one with their child’s teacher – to formally discuss their child’s progress and development.

Excursions and Visitors

During each learning project or theme that the children embark upon, we always try to incorporate an excursion outside of school to support the children’s learning process. As well as this we often invite speakers and guests into the school to talk to the children or provide them with relevant information to deepen their understanding.

International Month Celebrations

International Month is held from mid November to the end of the term every yearDuring this month we take time to learn about and celebrate all the different nationalities and cultures without our school. During this month we rely on every family within the school to come in and share their culture with their child’s class. Whether it is through music and songs, stories and craft activities or cooking and tasting it is a very special month for everyone. Our international Month celebrations conclude with a large International Day party at which every nationality at our school is represented. Families bring in food and items from their cultural backgrounds to display and share. All the children are given their own Systems Little House passport and are encouraged to visit as many countries as they can to receive that country’s stamp and sample whatever the tables have to offer, whether it is scones from England, pizza from Italy, Japanese calligraphy or Indian Henna, a wonderful time is guaranteed!