Discover Playgroup

Discovery Playgroup is a time to come together with our littlest friends and their caregivers as we explore new activities, textures, smells and more using all of our senses all while making new friends! Come prepared to get messy!

Each week, we will prepare a sensory activity for the infants and toddlers to freely explore. Some of our most popular activities are rice play, sand + water, and cornstarch goop!  As we believe in following the lead of the child, there may be weeks that we continue certain activities or build on previous activities using the children’s interests to guide our set-ups and arrangements. 

These sessions are designed to allow the infants and toddlers the freedom to explore the activities however they choose – there is no right or wrong way to explore! We ask that in these sessions, the adults provide support to their child but also step back and allow the children to step into the activities. Keep an eye out for all of the magic and wonder you will see as your child discovers new and exciting textures, smells, colors, tastes and more!

For infants and toddlers 6 – 36 months

You must register in advance for these sessions as space is limited. Please email for more information!