“The environment is a child’s third teacher”

-Dr. Loris Malaguzzi, Founder of Reggio Emilia Approach-

At Systems Little House, every part of our school is designed not only to be fully functional but also inspiring, nurturing, and reflective of the child’s creativity. Our places are filled with a calm & quiet atmosphere, natural decor, quality materials, and clear, uncluttered space. Our children are surrounded by an intriguing and nurturing environment, which encourages authentic exploration and discovery. All our classrooms and play spaces provide not only a familiar space to play but also a laboratory for new discoveries!


Our Classrooms

For each age group, the classrooms are spacious and each is set up in a similar way providing consistency within the school for the children. The rooms include a comfortable reading area, floor space for large play, home corner, language area, science area, dress up corner, creative and eating area and each has a bathroom. The toys provided are age appropriate and develop varying levels of fine motor and cognitive skills.

Our Atelier

A purpose-built Art room for little Artists. In Reggio inspired schools, the Atelier is a workshop for children to create, using a wealth of media & materials. It is led by an Atelierista, a qualified and experienced Art teacher & Artist, who works alongside the teachers & children to support their growth & learning in both the cognitive and expressive processes of Art & Communication.

At Systems Little House, our Atelier is at the heart of what we do. Older children freely select not only their theme but also their materials and how and when they create their Artwork. Younger children are invited to explore a wide range of media & materials and are provided with opportunities to communicate their experiences.

Our Cooking Lab

Every Little House has a purpose-built kitchen for little chefs. Cooking lessons shouldn’t just be about baking cookies and cakes! We want it to be an exciting sensory world of tastes, aromas, and science! In our cooking lab, our children learn about kitchen safety, nutrition and healthy eating, the different colors, and texture of food, whether items are fresh or moldy. With the active involvement of our parents, we are also able to offer our children the opportunity to create and sample a vast range of dishes from around the world. As well as find out about the food traditions, and the culture of their friends’ countries.

Our Library

A cosy library with over 3000 books, carefully selected and referenced, for age-appropriate /themed selection. All children have their own library bag, and borrow one book a week to take home, read with their parents, look after, and return the following week.

Our Play Spaces

Indoor Playground, Outdoor Playground, Garden.

Our Specialities

Loose-part Play Materials

Loose-part play materials provide children with different ideas when playing. They can be the leader in their play by finding different ways of playing and interacting with these materials.

Natural Play Materials

Natural materials are open-ended in that they can be utilized alone or in combination with other materials. They can also be found in natural environments, encouraging outdoor exploration and play. We engaging environment with natural materials for children to explore is an excellent approach to fostering their curiosity, as well as providing an opportunity for them to ask questions and discuss what they’ve learned.

Local-related materials

In accordance with Reggio Emilia’s philosophy, we respect the culture and context of the place we are located in, and one of the way of us showing that is using wide range of local materials in play materials.