First Day

The first day for anyone can be extremely difficult and stressful – as adults, we have the ability to rationalize the situation, and fundamentally we know the reason why we are in the new place, and most importantly when we can go home. For your child they do not have this ability, and in order to minimize the stress for them, but also for you, we would encourage you to follow the steps below to ensure a smooth transition period:

Prior to the first day

Prior to the first day please talk to your child about ‘going to school’ or about their ‘new school’; if possible arrange (with the manager) to visit their classroom, it is often best for new children starting school during term time, if this happens outside of classroom hours, without other children or the teacher being present. The children can familiarise themselves with the areas, toilets and toys etc.

If your child never came to school

If this is the first time your child is coming to school we ask that you be available to settle children into school during the first few days whereby you or a carer accompany them to school and remain with them for the first full day in the classroom in a non-participative, yet present way. During the first 2-3 days the staff will advise you of when to leave the room and return and we find that method instills trust between the children and the teacher and ensure a calmer and more pleasant introduction to school.

If your child has come to school before

If your child has already been to school and you are confident that they can settle easily, and will be comfortable at our school from day one, you are not required to stay with him/her after the drop-off time.