Mini Art Makers

Mini Monets

6 – 14 months

Little Leonardos

15-23 months

Petite Picassos

24 – 36 months


Our Mini Art Maker program is all about the process – not the product!

We do things a bit differently at The Play House. Instead of pre-cut and adult-led ideas, we are authentically child-led and we follow the ideas and desires of our children.

 We provide the space and art materials – canvases, paints, natural clay and dough, loose parts, and a variety of tools, but then we step back to reate and explore in a way that THEY have chosen.

There is no right or wrong!


Our Mini Monets use baby-safe paint made here at The Play House. This paint is safe if ingested, so our youngest friends are able to join in on the creative fun!

In these sessions, we will use the same paint each week, allowing the infants to become comfortable with the new sensory experience. We will add a variety of materials that we will crawl and paint on, such as canvas, bubble wrap, and aluminum foil!

For Little Leonardos + Petite Picassos, we will begin to introduce the toddlers to new materials, paints, and loose parts to create their art with non-toxic finger paints, shaving foam, glue, and more! Most weeks we will work collaboratively on projects and occasionally we will have beautiful pieces of artwork for the children to bring home!


Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We usually get very messy, so dress appropriately!

We have limited space available, so you need to register in advance to join these sessions.

Please email us at for more information!